Types of Tyres: How To Choose The Best Tyre For Your Car

In market various types of car tires are available in the market to cater to different driving conditions, preferences, and vehicle types. Keep in mind that tire offerings may evolve, and new models or categories may have been introduced since then. Here are some common types of car tires. Befor buying for changing we request you to consult Enhanced Motors for getting expert advice on tyres which suits best on your vehicle and safety.

Types of Tyres
Types of Tyres


Tyres are the most important part of your vehicle and you always need it to be maintained and take care on regular intervals.

  1. All-Season Tires:
    • Suitable for year-round use, offering a balance of performance in wet and dry conditions.
  2. Summer Tires:
    • Designed for warm weather, providing enhanced traction and handling on dry roads.
  3. Winter Tires:
    • Specifically engineered for cold temperatures, snow, and ice, offering improved traction in winter conditions.
  4. Performance Tires:
    • Geared towards high-performance vehicles, emphasizing grip, handling, and responsiveness.
  5. Touring Tires:
    • Designed for long highway drives, focusing on a smooth and comfortable ride with low road noise.
  6. Off-Road Tires:
    • Intended for off-road driving, with aggressive tread patterns for improved traction on challenging terrain.
  7. Run-Flat Tires:
    • Equipped with reinforced sidewalls to allow driving for a short distance after a puncture or loss of air.
  8. All-Terrain Tires:
    • Suitable for both on-road and off-road use, offering a balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability.
  9. Grand Touring Tires:
    • Designed for comfortable and quiet rides during long-distance journeys, often with a focus on high-speed stability.
  10. Eco-Friendly Tires:
    • Engineered for fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, with a focus on low rolling resistance.
  11. High-Performance Tires:
    • Similar to performance tires but designed for even higher speeds and aggressive driving.
  12. Ultra-High-Performance Tires:
    • Engineered for extreme performance, typically found on sports cars and high-end vehicles.
  13. Studded Tires:
    • Equipped with metal studs for enhanced traction on icy surfaces, commonly used in regions with severe winter conditions.
  14. Summer Performance Tires:
    • Combining the characteristics of summer and performance tires for sportier driving in warm conditions.
  15. Truck/SUV Tires:
    • Designed specifically for trucks and SUVs, offering enhanced load-carrying capacity and off-road capabilities.

When choosing tires, consider factors such as your driving conditions, climate, vehicle type, and personal preferences. Always check for the latest tire models and technologies available in the market, as advancements are continually being made to improve performance, safety, and efficiency.