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Automotive Servicing - Car, 4X4 & Van

Enhanced Motors we provide a number of comprehensive automotive service options to suit your budget and your vehicle’s needs. Browse our auto service options below to choose the right package for your vehicle.are your friendly reliable one-stop A grade car servicing specialists in Auckland City. WOF, mechanical repairs, New tyres fitted and Auto .

Auto Service Options

Basic from $179 Deluxe from $229 Enhanced from $329
Engine Oil Change
Oil Filter Change
Coolant Fluid Inspection (Top up if required)
Battery Inspection (If accessible)
Brake Fluid Inspection (Top up if required)
Brake Pads & Rotor Inspection (Visually)
Power Steering Fluid Inspection (If applicable – Top up if required)
Tyre Wear Inspection
Tyre Pressure Check & Top Up (If Required)
Tyre Shine (If required)
Wiper Blade Inspection
All External Light Inspection
Engine Flush
Coolant Hoses & Pipe Inspection
Air Filter Inspection
Brake Hose Inspection
Power Steering Hose Inspection
Drive Belt Inspection
All Motor Mount Inspection
CV Boot Inspection
Road Test Vehicles for Final Check
Brake Check & Adjustment (If accessible)
Drum Brake Inspection / Clean (If applicable
or required)
Spark Plug Inspection (Direct Access ONLY)
Transmission Fluid Check (If applicable)
Steering Component Inspection
Shock Absorber Inspection (Check for leaks)
Exhaust System Inspection (Check for leaks)
4x Wheel Balance (If tyres are in good
4x Tyre Rotation (If needed)

Available at Enhanced Motors

Pricing based on a standard four-cylinder petrol vehicle. Additional charges may apply for non-standard or additional parts and additional labor. For selected vehicles, this can include oil, oil filter and undertray. Please ask in store for details


(Time: 2 hours From $229)


(Time: 3 hours From $329)