Importance of Regular Vehicle Service

Whether you drive a compact coupe or a large SUV, a 1960s classic or a brand new 2018 hybrid, regular upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle is vital to ensure that you get top-of-the-line performance out of it both now and in the future. While newer cars may be more reliable and have better technology, you should not be fooled into thinking that they don’t require maintenance just like their older counterparts. You should be sure to find an honest, reliable mechanic and automotive shop that will provide you with affordable, high-quality service and maintenance.

The Basics

Oil Changes – Oil should be replaced every 10,000kms or so to provide high-performance levels from your engine and prevent potential engine problems. Without the proper oil levels, engines cannot run smoothly, and their quality will deteriorate quickly. The oil carries heat away from critical areas to help the engine to run cooler and combat overheating rust, and corrosion.

Fluid Checks – Other fluids such as transmission fluid and engine coolant are also important for the life of your automobile. Failure to keep these at their required levels can lead to overheating and engine failure.

Air Filters – Dirty air filters can reduce your gas mileage and harm your engine. Make sure to get these checked regularly and replaced when needed.

Tyre Pressure – If your tires have too much or too little air, they will be worn down at a faster rate than usual and need to be replaced more regularly. This is expensive and can be avoided easily by regularly checking your tire pressure and keeping it at the recommended levels according to your vehicle handbook.

Brakes – having reliable brakes is vital not only for the health of your car but also for your personal safety. This is possibly the most important maintenance to stay on top of as faulty brake lines can lead to catastrophic accidents. You should have maintenance performed on your brakes at least once a year, which means checking the pads, shoes, rotors, and drums to ensure that all of these components are working together to provide you with safe, reliable braking.

Smaller Services – Smaller components may not be as vital as the previously mentioned services but should still be checked on regularly. Your wiper blades should be replaced if they are worn out, as you need them in the case of inclement weather. Most car batteries last 3-5 years, so you should check on that and replace it when needed. Checking hoses and belts for cracks is important, and they are easy and affordable to replace if you notice any leaks.