Why to Check and Inspect Your Tire Grip Condition

Checking your Tyres Importance of Tyre Safety. Tyres are often most neglected things on our cars, but we should take better care of them, our lives depend on them. Your tyres form the essential bond between your vehicle and the ground. The tread grips the road as you drive. But if it’s not deep enough, your car loses traction and suffers extended braking times. Checking & maintaining the tyres on a regular basis is a quick & easy task and can greatly increase safety on the road. Government statistics show that 6% of all fatal motorway accidents in the NZ can be attributed to under-inflated tyres.

How to Check Your Tires : Use a tire pressure gauge to make sure your tires are properly inflated and then fill tires with air as needed. To check pressure, remove the valve stem cap, press gauge head evenly onto the valve stem, use firm pressure so that the hissing sound stops. Remove the gauge and read the pressure. Compare this to your vehicle’s recommended inflation pressure.

Safe driving tips for your car and tyres

  • Inspect The wheel nuts & valve regularly;
  • Do not overload vehicle, consult manual for recommended load limit;
  • The wheel alignment of tyres should check regularly by professional mechanic;
  • Check for damage such a bulging, cuts or tears on all four tyres;
  • Seek advice from professional mechanic, should notice any irregular tread wear or damage as soon as identified;
  • Keep hands on the wheel, ensuring you are able to maintain control, should a blow-out occur
  • Keep a safe distance between you & vehicle infront, ensuring you can see any objects on the road which could cause tyre damage
  • If you must drive in icy or snowy conditions, have winter tyres fitted to improve tyre grip.