Our Service Packages

At Pit Stop, we’ve got your vehicle servicing and car repair needs covered. From car servicing, car repairs, warrant of fitness, brakes, exhausts and mufflers, shock absorbers and tyres, and more, you know you’ve come to the right place when you visit your local Pit Stop! We have five ezy services for you to choose from – there’s one to suit your vehicle.

If you are unsure what ezy service is right for your vehicle, just call your local Pit Stop store on 0800 748 786 our store managers will be happy to advise you

You should have your car assessed by a Pit Stop professional if:

  • The steering wheel starts slipping or is really hard to turn
  • The car keeps pulling or drifting to one side
  • Your car leaks fluids after being parked up for several hours or overnight
  • It makes funny noises like clicking, clunking or scraping; or squealing when you use your brakes; or popping coming from the exhaust